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            The word, “Hollywood” evokes a desirable and sensational world of glamour and glitz. Since achievable style is our foremost mission at Shiver and Duke, we could not think of a better name suited for our 2014 Fall & Winter Line: The Hollywood Collection. Take a peak at the inspiration behind some of this season's favorites, we promise you will make lead actress with these new looks… 






Hollywood Necklace 

In the world of Hollywood, everyone is making a statement.  Being a lead actress means standing out in a unique way from all the trends we are surrounded by. Appropriately titled, the Hollywood necklace requires a one-of-a-kind woman that passionately is own her person and shines like a diamond. This head turner statement necklace exemplifies that centerpiece every it-girl needs to complete her wardrobe.




Love Locket Necklace

  You can’t help but to smile when looking at old Hollywood couples. This sweet love locket necklace was inspired by the classic Hollywood romance that leaves us feeling completely giddy, happy, and charmed. Sentimental Shiver and Duke allows us to imagine the stories and history of those before us - the reason why we chose to feature some of our favorite Hollywood couples  (above). 



Gibson Girl Necklace 

The "Gibson Girl" is best remembered by her hair piled atop her head and doll - sized waist, representing a serene state of self-confidence. Brilliantly inspired c. 1890, this necklace is the personification of the feminine ideal of beauty. 






Jazz Age Necklace 

The roaring twenties made Hollywood. Jazz music was the propelling force of the new culture of fashion and entertainment.Women celebrated their new liberated - identities in festive flapper dresses as they partied the night away without a care in the world. We knew the jazz age necklace would compliment this period of wild, bold, fun behavior. 


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At Shiver and Duke we celebrate iconic fashionable eras through the names of our jewelry. By educating you on the inspiration behind the titles of our necklaces, we hope to make the ordinary extraordinary and help you appreciate the jewelry & fashion of those before us. 





                                                                The Gatsby / Fitzgerald necklace:

The Gatsby and Fitzgerald necklace represents the pinnacle age of glittery sensational sophisticated beauty in the roaring twenties.  While fantisizing over the ostentatious over-the-top parties along with womens' fashion during this time period we knew that one of our best-seller Shiver and Duke necklaces would compliment this extravagant era.



Daisy tassel necklace:

The Daisy tassel necklace represents the character Daisy in The Great Gatsby novel. She is the most mysterious character in the novel and is associated with innocence and purity.  Daisy’s light personality shines through the clear glass chandelier beads used in this necklace and also reflects her flawless taste of fashion through the additional tassel accent.  




Jordan necklace:

The Jordan necklace is named after Jordan Baker, Daisy’s best friend in The Great Gatsby novel. Similar to Daisy, Jordan is a alluring fashionable character. As a professional golfer, Jordan’s tall and thin figure was the inspiration behind this necklace as it is long and delicate, complimenting Jordan’s height and glamour.


We owe much thanks to F.Scott-Fitzgerald for the inspiration behind this collection! 



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What is a french cut steel shoe buckle?

Jul 22, 2014 1:39:49 PM

(Above: Shiver and Duke's repurposed french cut steel shoe buckle bracelet- one of our most popular sellers)

 Oftentimes, we are drawn to antique jewelry because of its elegant and authentic appeal. But if you ask me, understanding the historical value of the piece of jewelry you are wearing not only allows you to appreciate the sensational fashionable era that it came from, but also, makes it so much more special when explaining it’s story to a curious friend.

Every piece of jewelry has it’s own story to tell, here is the french cut steel buckle’s story:


Circa 1760-1910

What is it made of?

Made from faceted (chip carved) and polished steel studs and then riveted onto a steel backing.


The French shoe buckle was originally made in England and then became a popular fashion in France during the revolution as a replacement for the fine jewelry the monarchy seized to pay for the 7-year war.


It was common for shoe buckles to be worn as an “ornament” to the foot in high society, at grand parties. By the eighteenth century the cut-steel business was big enough to be embraced by French manufacturers and demand for it often made it more valuable than gold.

View our Cut Steel Bracelets -

(although it might be hard to read- the back of these shoe buckles indicate that they were "made in france")


(this is a shoe buckle before it is repurposed into a bracelet- you can see how it used to be attached to a shoe)

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We all carry history with us. Perhaps this is why I have always felt such a strong connection to Shiver and Duke items-- imagining the lives of those who owned them before me. I love the idea of carrying those stories with me as I live mine, so to speak. In that I find deep comfort. So, when a very lovely friend of mine who works at Shiver and Duke (Hi Jess!), approached me a few months back (as evidenced by my translucent complexion) about showcasing a few pieces from the amazing Shiver and Duke line that she works for, of course I jumped at the chance.

Shiver and Duke was quite literally born of an inherited passion and skill-set. Georgia native, Edith Anne Hunt, repurposes Shiver and Duke and antique pieces into fresh unique designs, that effortlessly bring glamour and polish, without seeming dated.  That unique fusion of both modern wearability, yet timeless beauty, for me at least, speaks to our ability to punctuate our own stories with unique treasures, without forgetting the beauty of the past.

Take a peek at their newly launched website,, I think everyone will find something that strikes their fancy. I seldom wear my tassel necklace without receiving scores upon scores of compliments! Congratulations to Edith Anne and Jessica on the launch of this new venture, I'm wishing you oodles of infinite success and joy!xx

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5 Minutes With: Edith Anne Hunt

Jun 5, 2014 11:43:56 AM

Designer & owner, Edith Anne Hunt, fell in love with Shiver and Duke at a young age. Though she admired her grandmother’s dazzling taste she didn’t realize at the time that she would be following in her footsteps. Meet the charming designer below.

What was the fondest memory you have of your Grandmother’s style?

“When I was a little girl I remember admiring my grandmother’s glitzy outfits and enthusiasm to always look put together. She wore unforgettable extravagant statement pieces that I still vividly remember."

What do you love most about combining Shiver and Duke with contemporary pieces?

“Knowing each piece that I design is one of a kind and will match a personality out there is so special. Each piece of jewelry has a story behind it and celebrates the old in a new extraordinary way.”

What was your inspiration for your Mini Green Collection?

“One day my two-year-old daughter, Shiver walked down the stairs wearing pink pants and a white t-shirt and I thought to myself, 'that little girl needs a necklace! Every little girl loves to feel like a princess.'"

Did Mini Green inspire your Mama Green Collection as well?

“After I designed the Mini Green collection, it was funny because women constantly wanted the mini green necklaces in their size. I saw this as a great opportunity to give mothers and daughters a chance to bond and connect through jewelry and fashion. I love seeing my friends and their daughters wearing their Shiver and Duke at the same time.”

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